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2 boys and 2 girls are in room x,and 1 boy and 3 girls in room y.Specify the sample space for the experiment in which a room is selected and then a person.

1 Answer

Given two rooms
In one room x-2 boys,2 girls [$B_1,B_2,G_1,G_2]$
In one room y-1 boy,3 girls [$B_3,G_3,G_4,G_5]$
$\therefore$ When room x is selected,there are four possibilites of members selection.
$\therefore$ Sample space S=$\{xB_1,xB_2,xG_1,xG_2,yB_3,yG_3,yG_4,yG_5\}$
answered Jun 26, 2014 by sreemathi.v

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