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A coin is tossed .If the outcome is a head,a die is thrown.If the die shows up an even number,the die is thrown again.What is the sample space for the experiment.

1 Answer

Given: A coin is tossed if head occurs,a die is thrown and if shows even number (2,4,6) the die is thrown again
If represented diagramatically
$\therefore$ The sample space S will be
$S=\left\{\begin{array}{1 1}T,H1,H3,H5,H21,H22,H23,H24,H25,\\H26,HH1,HH2,HH3,HH4,HH5,HH6,\\H61,H62,H63,H64,H65,H66\end{array}\right\}$
answered Jun 26, 2014 by sreemathi.v

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