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Examine each of the following relations given below and state in each case, giving reasons whether it is a function or not? \[\] (i) R = {(2,1),(3,1), (4,2)}, (ii) R = {(2,2),(2,4),(3,3), (4,4)} (iii) R = {(1,2),(2,3),(3,4), (4,5), (5,6), (6,7)}

1 Answer

(i) Since 2, 3, 4 are the elements of domain of R having their unique images, this relation R is a function.
(ii) Since the same first element 2 corresponds to two different images 2 and 4, this relation is not a function.
(iii) Since every element has one and only one image, this relation is a function.
answered Jun 26, 2014 by thanvigandhi_1

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