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Which of the following regarding the stability of Phosphorus is correct?

(A) White $\gt$ Red $\gt$Black $\quad$ (B) Red $\gt$ Black $\gt$ White $\quad$ (C) Black $\gt$ Red $\gt$ White $\quad$ (D) Black $\gt$ White$\gt$ Red

1 Answer

Answer: (C) Black $\gt$ Red $\gt$ White $\quad$
White phosphorus is the least stable, the most reactive, the most volatile, while Black phosphorus is the least reactive allotrope and the thermodynamically stable form below $550^{\circ}$.
Red phosphorus is highly reactive and ignites at about $300^{\circ}$ though it is still more stable than white phosphorus, which ignites at about $30^{\circ}$.
answered Jul 14, 2014 by balaji.thirumalai

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