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The standard reduction potentials of $Cu^{2+}|Cu$ and $Cu^{2+}|Cu^+$ are 0.337V and 0.153V, respectively.The standard electrode potential of $Cu^+|Cu$ half cell is

$\begin{array}{1 1}0.184V\\0.827V\\0.521V\\0.490V\end{array} $

1 Answer

Answer : 0.521V
Since $\Delta G^{\large\circ}=-nFE^{\large\circ}$,we have
$Cu^{2+}+2e^-\rightarrow Cu$
$Cu^{2+}+e^-\rightarrow Cu^+$
$Cu^{+}+e^-\rightarrow Cu$
$\Delta G_1^{\large\circ}=-(2)(F)(0.337V)$
$\Delta G_2^{\large\circ}=-(1)(F)(0.153V)$
$\Delta G^{\large\circ}=\Delta G_1^{\large\circ}-\Delta G_2^{\large\circ}=-(4)F\{(2\times 0.337-0.153)V\}$
$E_{Cu^+|Cu}=2\times 0.337V-0.153V=0.521V$
answered Jul 22, 2014 by sreemathi.v

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