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Find the values of x,y and z from the following equations:$(i)\begin{bmatrix}4 & 3\\x & 5\end{bmatrix}=\begin{bmatrix}y & z\\1 & 5\end{bmatrix}\qquad$

Note: This is a 3 part question, split as 3 separate questions here.

1 Answer

  • If the order of 2 matrices are equal, their corresponding elements are equal, i.e, if $A_{ij} = B_{ij}$, then any element $a_{ij}$ in matrix A is equal to corresponding element $b_{ij}$ in matrix B.
Given $\begin{bmatrix}4 & 3\\x & 5\end{bmatrix}=\begin{bmatrix}y & z\\1 & 5\end{bmatrix}.$ Since these matrices are equal, we can an obtain the value of x,y,z by comparing the matrices corresponding elements.
By comparing the given two matrices of equal order, we can see that 4 = y, 3 = z and x = 5.
answered Feb 27, 2013 by balaji.thirumalai

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