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If the Minor of an element $a_{ij}$ is denoted by $M_{ij}$ and the cofactor of an element $a_{ij}$ is denoted by $A_{ij}$ then, which of the following is true?

A) $|A| = a_{11} A_{11} + a_{11} A_{11} + a_{11} A_{11}$ B) $|A| = a_{11} A_{11} + a_{12} A_{12} + a_{13} A_{13}$ C) $|A| = a_{11} M_{11} + a_{11} M_{11} + a_{11} M_{11}$ D) $|A| = a_{11} M_{11} + a_{12} M_{12} + a_{13} M_{13}$

1 Answer

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