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A manufacturer considers that man and women workers are equally efficient and so he pays them at the same rate.He has 30 and 17 units of workers(male and female) and capital respectively,which he uses to produce two types of goods A and B.To produce 1 unit of A,2 workers and 3 units of capital are required while 3 workers and 1 unit of capital is required to produce 1 unit of B.If A and B are priced at Rs100 and 120 per unit respectively,how should he use his resources to maximize the total revenue?Form the above as an LPP and solve graphically.Do you agree with this view of the manufacturer that men and women workers are equally efficient and so should be paid at the same rate?

This question appeared in 65-1,65-2 and 65-3 versions of the paper in 2013.

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