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The shop keeper sells three different types of marbles. The Blue marbles cost 20 paise each, the Green ones cost 90 paise each and the Black ones cost 5 paise each. Each bag of marbles has 5 Black marbles, 1 Green marble and 2 Blue marbles. I bought a certain number of bags and paid Rs. 6.50 in all for the Blue and Green Marbles. How many bags did I buy in all?

(A) 4 (B) 5 (C) 6 (D) 3

1 Answer

Let us first calculate the cost of Blue and Green marbles present in a bag of marbles.
One bag has 2 Blue marbles, 1 Green marble and 5 Black marbles.
Cost of 2 Blue marbles = 2 x 20 p = 40 p.
Cost of 1 Green marble = 90 p.
Therefore the cost of 2 Blue and 1 Green marble = 40 p + 90 p = Rs. 1.30
I spend Rs. 6.50 on Blue and Green marbles, therefore the number of bags I must have bought = $\large\frac{6.50}{1.30}$$ = 5$
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