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Ethyl alcohol to which another liquid has been added to make it unfit for use as beverage is called denatured alcohol. Ethyl alcohol denatured by adding methyl alcohol, is highly poisonous. Answer the following questions: (i) Mention another way by which alcohol is denatured. (ii) Explain why methanol is highly toxic to human beings? (iii) How is methanol prepared on large-scale? Give its two important uses.

1 Answer

Solution :
(i)By adding small amount of pyridine and copper sulphate.
(ii) In human body methanol is oxidized to methanoic acid $(HCOOH)$ which is highly toxic
(iii) Methanol is manufactured by catalytic hydrogenation of carbon monoxide.
$CO +2H_2 \longrightarrow CH_3$
* Methanol is used in the manufacture of formaldehyde.
* It is also used as denaturant for ethyl alcohol.
* It is also used as solvent.
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