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Read the following base sequence of a certain DNA strand and answer the questions that follow 5’-AAGAATTCAA-3’ 3’-TTCTTAAGTT-5’a. What is a palindromic sequence of DNA? b.Name the palindromic nucleotide sequence shown in the DNA strand and mention the enzyme that will recognize it.5’-AAGAATTCAA-3’ 3’-TTCTTAAGTT-5’ c.State the significance of the enzymes that identify palindromic nucleotide sequence.

1 Answer

Solution :
a.A palindromic sequence of DNA is a sequence of base pairs that reads the same on the two strands when orientation is kept the same.
b.Restriction enzymes identify the palindromic sequences.
c.Restricts the propagation of foreign DNA in the bacteria and thus helps in defence of the bacteria.
answered Dec 27, 2016 by meena.p

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