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If A and B are square matrices of the same order,then $(ii)\quad (kA)'=\text{________}.$(k is any scalar)

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  • If A_{i,j} be a matrix m*n matrix , then the matrix obtained by interchanging the rows and column of A is called as transpose of A.
If A and B are square matrices of the same order then
If K is any number real or complex and A be any matrix then
Let A=$[a_{ij}]$
A' = $[a_{ji}]$
kA= $[ka_{ij}]$
(kA)'= $[ka_{ji}]$ $\rightarrow $ (1)
Now consider A' = $[a_{ji}]$
Multiply by scalar k on both side we get
kA'= $[ka_{ji}]$ $\rightarrow $ (2)
Hence from equation 1 and 2 we have
answered Apr 4, 2013 by sharmaaparna1
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