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write applications of superconductors

write applications of superconductors

1 Answer


(i) Superconductors form the basis of energy saving power
systems, namely the superconducting generators, which are smaller in size and weight, in comparison with conventional generators.
(ii) Superconducting magnets have been used to levitate trains
above its rails. They can be driven at high speed with minimal
expenditure of energy.
(iii) Superconducting magnetic propulsion systems may be used
to launch satellites into orbits directly from the earth without the use of rockets.
(iv) High efficiency ore–separating machines may be built using superconducting magnets which can be used to separate tumor cells from healthy cells by high gradient magnetic separation method.
(v) Since the current in a superconducting wire can flow
without any change in magnitude, it can be used for transmission lines.
(vi) Superconductors can be used as memory or storage
elements in computers.
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