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If a matrix has 7 elements, what are the possible order it can have?

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1 Answer

  • We know that if a matrix is of order $m\times n$ it has mn elements.Thus to find all possible orders of a matrix with 7 elements.
  • We will find all ordered pairs of natural numbers whose product is 7
7 elements:-Find all ordered pairs of natural number whose product is 7.
All ordered pairs are $1\times 7,7\times 1$
Hence two types of matrices exists.
(i) Column matrix:If it has only one column.
Hence order of matrix=$m\times 1=7\times 1.$
(ii) Row matrix:If it has only one row.
Hence order of matrix=$1\times n=1\times 7.$
answered Apr 15, 2013 by sharmaaparna1

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