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a) In humans, males are heterogametic  and female are homogametic. Explain. Are there any examp

a) In humans, males are heterogametic  and female are homogametic. Explain. Are there any examples where males are homogametic and females heterogametic?

b)Also describe as to, who determines the *** of an unborn child? Mention whether temperature has a role in *** determination. In human begins, the *** of the child is determined by the male as he is heterogametic.

1 Answer

a) In human male sperms produce 2  kids of sperms where in half the sperms carry X chromosomes and the other half carry the Y chromosome. Thus males are heterogametic. In human females, all eggs carry only X chromosmes. Thus they are called homogametic. When a sperm carrying X chromosome fertilizes the egg, the offspring would be a female and if a sperm bearing  Y chromosome fertilizes the egg, the progeny turns out to be a male. In birds, males are homogametic ZZ while females are heterogametic.

b) Temperature does not influence *** in human beings. However, in some animals, it has a profound effect on ***. In crocodiles, low temperature induces femaleness and high temperature maleness. In turtles, temperature below 28ºC induced maleness, femaleness above 33ºC and equal number of males and females between 28ºC - 33ºC.
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