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What is the basic principle of vaccination? How do vaccines prevent microbial infections? Name the o

What is the basic principle of vaccination? How do vaccines prevent microbial infections? Name the organism from which hepatitis B vaccine is produced. 

1 Answer

Vaccination provides memory to the immune system of the body against particular pathogen. Vaccine is an antigenic protein, inactivated or weakened live pathogen. On introduction of the body it produces antibodies and memory B cells and memory T cells. Whenever, the pathogen attacks a vaccinated person, the memory cells induce production of lymphocytes and antibodies that overwhelm and destroy the same. Hepatitis B vaccine is produced in yeast.
The answer above is very correct and succinct, but if you want to find out a little more information in a very simplified way, read this link: â–¶The Basic Principles of Vaccination
There you will easily understand how vaccination work, from the process of sensitization with a harmless/dead antigen of the disease against which you are vaccinating, to the process of action of sensitized B and T lymphocytes.
There you will also find some example of available vaccines documented in WHO publications.
The knowledge of vaccination is really important. However, many diseases have proven difficult to vaccinate. This may be due to their ability to rapidly mutate their antigenic genes or the presence of many different strains of the organism.
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