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Compare the life style of people living in the urban areas with those of rural areas and briefly des

Compare the life style of people living in the urban areas with those of rural areas and briefly describe how the life style changes affect their health.

1 Answer

a) Activity: Urbanites lead a sedentary life while rural folks have an active life. Therefore life style diseases like hyper tension, obesity are common in urban areas. They are rare in rural areas.

b) Crowding: Urban areas are crowded and hence the pace of infectious break out is very quick when compared to the spaced accommodations of rural areas.

c) Contamination: Food and water contamination are lesser in rural areas but very high in urban areas.

d) Pollution: Rural areas are serene and free from pollution compared to the cities that are filled with pollution.

e) Sanitation: Sanitation is quite poor in urban areas when compared to the population. This leads to increased number of diseases due to vectors when compared to rural areas.

f) Social interaction: Rural people know each other and have few disparities. They always have a social gathering but this is not common in urban  areas.

Hence rural people have a better physical, mental and social life as compared to urbanites.
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