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Drugs like LSD, barbiturates, amphitamines etc are used to treat patients with mental illness. Howev

Drugs like LSD, barbiturates, amphitamines etc are used to treat patients with mental illness. However excessive doses and abusive usage are harmful. Enumerate the major adverse effects of such drugs in humans?

1 Answer

Examples of Sedatives and tranquilizers: 
   Barbiturates,  Benzodiazopines  are used for their hypnotic activity and anti anxiety drugs clinically. Drug abuse leads to behavioral changes, non coordination of body movements, headaches, impairement of memory and sexual functions.

Opiate Narcotics: Example:
   Opium , morphine , heron, pethidine, methadone are used as analgesics clinically. Drug abuse can result in drowsiness, reduction in visual activity, constriction of the pupil, impaired attentivity, apathy or loss of interest in work, nausea and vomiting, slowness of action, slow breathing, slow pulse and slurred speech.

Stimulants: Example: 
   Caffeine , Amphitamines , Cocaine  and Noraccaine are used for patients suffering from attention deficit, narcolepsy and for weight control clinically. But addiction can result in causing indigestion, sleeplessness, disturbed functioning of pancreas and kidney and development of anxiety syndrome. Thus the medicines that are used for clinical purposes may definitely lead to adverse physiological malfunctions when they are abused.
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