HybridAuth showcases

Getting Started

To install HybridAuth, you can use the HybridAuth Auto Installer.

You can also install HybridAuth manually by refering to Installation and Configuration sections at http://hybridauth.sourceforge.net/userguide.html

We also highly recommend to always download and use the latest release from HybridAuth website at http://hybridauth.sourceforge.net/download.html

Available examples and demos

1 - Hello world

A very simple sign-in script which will try to directly connect the user with Twitter then grab his complete profile and also access the twitter social api. How this script work is well explained in this online guide.

2 - Widget integration

A simple user friendly sign-in interface (aka: provider selector UI) which you can integrate, customize, redesign and improve (and hopefully you will share some of your work with the comminuty).

3 - Tiny Social Hub

This exapmle show how users can login with providers using HybridAuth. It also show how to grab their profile, update their status or to grab their freinds list from services such as facebook, twitter, myspace.

4 - Sign-in/Sign-up Users

An attempt to put together an answer to how to sign-in/sign-up users using HybridAuth in an existing web application.

This exapmle provide a simple implementation of the whole sign-in/sign-up process on a MVC environment.

5 - Basic Facebook integration

A VERY basic example which show how to integrate Facebook Javascript SDK side by side with HybridAuth.

Third-party Plugins

Plugins and Addons available for serval CMS platforms and PHP frameworks using HybridAuth Library. The open source plugins and addons are contributed by members of the community.

CodeIgniter CodeIgniter HybridAuth Library Integration Open Source Download
CakePHP CakePHP HybridAuth Library Integration Open Source Download
Zend Framework 2 ZF2 HybridAuth Library Integration Open Source Download
Symfony2 Bundle for connecton via HybridAuth library Open Source Download
YII Yii Implementation of HybridAuth for social (Facebook, Yahoo etc) logins Open Source Download
YII Yiiauth, A hybridauth module for the Yii php framework Open Source Download

WordPress WordPress Social Login Open Source Download
WordPress SocialAuth-WP Open Source Download
Elgg Social Connect for Elgg 1.8 Open Source Download
Elgg Social Login for Elgg 1.8 Open Source Download
Drupal HybridAuth Social Sign-on Open Source Download
Opencart Third-Party Login / Sing in Commercial Download
Joomla HybridAuth Extension Commercial Download
Concrete5 Social Package Open Source Download
Concrete5 Social Login Commercial Download
Expression Engine Social Sign On Commercial Download
BabyGekko OpenUsers Plugin FREE Download
EC-Cube Social Login Open Source Download
MODX HybridAuth Open Source Download
Cotonti HybridAuth Extension Open Source Download

Help and support

To get help and support, join us and participate in the hybridauth discussion group at http://hybridauth.sourceforge.net/support.html