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NEET Videos

Chapter Video
Units and measurements view
Motion in a straight line view
Motion in a plane view
Laws of motion view
Laws of motion view
Work energy and power view
Work energy and power view
Systems of particles and rotational motion view
Gravitation view
Mechanical properties of solids view
Mechanical properties of liquids view
Thermal properties of matter, thermodynamics view
Kinetic theory view
Oscillations and waves view
Electric charges and fields view
Current electricity view
Moving charges and magnetism view
Magnetism view
Electromagnetic induction view
Alternating current view
Electromagnetic waves and ray optics view
Optics view
Dual nature of radiation and matter view
Atoms and nuclei view
Semiconductor and devices view
Some basic concepts of chemistry view
Structure of atoms view
Structure of atoms view
Classification of elements & periodicity in properties view
Chemical bonding & molecular structure view
States of matter: gases and liquids view
Thermodynamics view
Equilibrium view
Redox reactions view
Hydrogen view
S-block elements view
P-block elements view
Organic chemistry – some basic principles and techniques view
Hydrocarbons view
Solid state view
Solutions view
Electrochemistry view
Chemical kinetics view
Surface chemistry view
General principles and processes of isolation of elements , coordination compounds view
D and f block elements view
Haloalkanes and haloarenes view
Alcohols, phenols and ethers view
Aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids view
Organic compounds containing nitrogen view
Polymers, biomolecules and environmental chemistry view
Living world view
Biological classification view
Plant kingdom view
Animal kingdom view
Morphology of flowering plants view
Anatomy of flowering plants view
Cell - structure and function view
Cell division view
Bio molecules view
Transport in plants view
Mineral nutrition view
Photosynthesis view
Respiration view
Plant growth and development view
Digestion view
Respiration view
Circulation view
Excretion view
Locomotion and movement view
Neural control and coordination view
Chemical coordination and integration view
Structural organization in animals view
Reproduction view
Reproduction in plants view
Human reproduction view
Reproductive health view
Principles of inheritance view
Molecular basis of inheritance view
Biotechnology: principles and processes and applications view
Organisms and populations view
Ecosystems view
Biodiversity and conservation view
Environmental issues view
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